AI Picking Machine

PiCKiNG·Ai ®

AI-guide Waste Sorting Robots

The fastest sorting robot in the world



Picking Up Whatever You Need

The fastest sorting robot in the world with 5700 picks/min within a working range of 1600mm.What's more,the sorting accuracy of the robot at such a high speed is above 95%.


Al-guide Waste Sorting Robot in Construction and Demolished Waste

Reduce Pre-crushing,Simplify the Solution

Compare to the conventional screening machine sorting,PiCKiNG.EASY is gripping objects from point -to-point,like "what you see is what it gets"from the belt.

It is not only simplifies the entire waste solution,but also greatly improves the purity of recyclables.

In the actual case,PiCKiNG.EASY interacts perfectly with the high-speed optical sorter FASToAi to achieves high-level sorting tasking in a complicated scenar1o.

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