Organic Waste Fermentation Tower

Organic Waste Fermentation Tower

(Valuable organic fertilizer can be produced in a small area with easy operation)

Organic Wastes can be put into the tank as long as its moisture below 70% without adding any other auxilliary materials. It is a continuous system, you can put wastes every day and organic fertilizer is produced every day (at first time, the fermentation term is 7-10 days). Bucket Elevator lift up organic wastes and put them into tank automatically. Organic wastes are mixed by agitating blades inside of the tank. Special heat exchanger uses heat of exhaust gas to warm up fresh air to go into tank. The warm air is blowed from holes on the blades. The warm air speed up Aerobic Fermentation and evaporate water in organic wastes. After 7-10 days (On average), organic wastes are converted to high quality organic fertilizers.

Weather Roof

Fixed input hopper

Insulated Tank

Lift Frame

Loading Bucket


Belt Conveyor

Heat Exchanger

Biological Deodorizing system

Control Box

Arm of Hydraulic Driven

Base Support

Concrete Base

Deodorizing Systems

Heat exchanger

(with patent)

Fermentation tower equipped the special heat exchanger which utilzes heat of ferrmentation in organic wastes. It vaponizes water and allows hot air to enter the system, providing heat to the strains.Therefore,the equipment can produce efficient fermentation without the use of heaters. 3kw/hour of heat exchange can reduce 40,000KW of electricity per year. he reduction in carbon dioxide emissions is equivalent to the annual absorption of 1000 cedar trees

Hydraulic drive

The fermentation tower is equipped with a hydraulic actuator,Which used to drive the axis of rotation, Open or close the loading door and control the discharge door. Hydraulic transmission avoids system overloads. The small hydraulic drive generates enormous power.
Technical Parameter
Model XQ-6000 XQ-5000
Tank Diameter(mm) 6000 5000
Tank Height(mm) 5410 5310
Tank Volume Height(mm) 3900 3900
Minimum Occupied area(m2) 60 45
Tank Volume(m3) 102 71
Hopper Volume(m3) 1.3 0.9
Handling Capacity (m3/d)(Moisture less than 70%) 8-12 5-8
Output Capacity (m3/d)(Moisture less than 35%) 4-5 2-3

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