Good quality Hplc Machine - Mobile Wood Brush Chipper – OPPS

Why a OPM Wood Chipper ?

The most important part of the wood chipping process is without any doubt, an effective and secure in-feed of wood to the chipper. All models in the OPM range utilise an in-feed with aggressive vertical rollers, making them best in class, whether big or small, and will compete favourably at all times.

Effitiveness and capacity

The superior in-feed system together with the overall robust constructuction of ---Chippers, with extensive use of Hi-Tensile steel, secures effectiveness, large capacity and durability.


Efficiency is the number one priority for NHS products. Avoid unnecessary handling of the trees, chip them as whole trees with branches, directly in the forest, with our highly mobile wood chippers.

User friendly and safe.

Machines that operate effectively and easily handles everyday tasks, are perceived to be user friendly. At that same time, OPM has achieved a safe and good working environment, in order to avoid unforeseen forces and unintended movements for the operator.

The optimal choice is important.

The key to success is the right choice of machine. With our well trained staff, more than 25 years of experience and close contact to our clients, OPM is the right choice of partner.

Well Tested technical solutions and innovations.

OPM has been developping and producing wood chippers for many years. Our machines consist of well tested components and innovative solutions, which will benefit our clients.

Service and customer contact

Our well trained service staff are there to help if anything happens or if a problem occurs. We have desire to be close to our clients, in order to provide them with answers and solutions as fast as possible.

Everything under one roof

Our high-tech production facility, which is operated by well trained and experienced personnel, ensures a quality production of parts and components that creat reliable and efficient machines.


Chip quality is top notch:

The chip quality from our hand-fed machines is very fine and uniform, and can be used directly in most chip /stoker boiler without optionals.

The chip quality for the crane machines meets all requirements for industrial wood chips, and therefore can be sold directly to the heating and power plants.

In Take

There is no transmission parts in the intake

Always one powerful hydraulic motor per in-feed roller with direct traction on the roller.

The parallel guides movable in-feed roller increases the utilization of the squeezing pressure substantially.

The movable in-feed roller operates parallel to the flywheel.

Each in-feed roller has 8 claws and 4 knives. The claws maintain a firm grip of the trees and the branches. The knives cuts the branches in order for the branches to fold along the log easily during the intake process as well, while keeping the infeed rollers clean at the same time.

Low Wear:

Extremly low wear on the infeed rolls

Unique design on infeed rollers insures minimal to no slippage

Heavy duty bearings and well balanced flywheel for long life.

Easy maintenance:

Knives are changed easily.

One person can adjust the knives and the anvils at the same time as he makes visual inspection.

6 lubrication points, 4 bearings at the in-feed rollers and the 2 parallel slides for the movable in-feed roller+PTO shaft

All OPM chippers can be serviced with standard hand tools.

Other advantages:

Clamping pressurre of the feed rollers can be adjusted during chipping

1000—For bigger and more demanding tasks.

Standard Equipments

Standard equipment

Hydaulic parallel in-feed system

Exhaust tube

High Pressure oil filter

PTO shaft w/friction and overrun clutch(not M-models)

4 pcs of hardened knives

PTO 540-1000rpm

C-model only 1000rpm


A robust and flexible chipper with the well known OPM in-feed system, containing hydraulically driven, agressive vertical in-feed rollers.

Despite its superior capacity, high tensile steel reduces the overall weight of the machine

The Exhaust tube is 360 degree rotatable-stepless

The chipping length is adjustable from 7-15mm

220c-litle crane machine with big power-use the machine’s capacity at peak performance with maximum comfort and safety.

A truly all rounder even for heavier tasks.

1500—For big demanding tasks.

Standard equipment

Hydaulic parallel in-feed system

Exhaust tube

High Pressure oil filter

PTO shaft w/friction and overrun clutch(not M-models)

4 pcs of hardened knives

PTO 540-1000rpm

300 is perhaps the strongest hand fed machine on the market. It’s hydraulically-driven, aggressive vertical in-feed rollers and its compact design, makes this a user-friendly and very efficient chipper. Despite its superior capacity and strength, high tensile steel reduces the overall weight of the machine.

The Exhaust tube is 360 degree –stepless.

The chipping length is adjustable from 10-15mm

Probably the strongest hand fed chipper on the marked.

Model DXBC1000 DXBC1500
Diesel Engine Yuchai Yuchai
Total Power 90KW(120hp) 180KW(240hp)
Fuel Diesel Diesel
Blad(pcs) 2 2
Bottom Blade(pcs) 1 1
inlet size(mm) 440x360 500x500
Wood Maximum Diameter(mm) 250 300
Outlet chute Height(mm) 2700 2700
Outlet chute rotation angle 3600 3600
Chips size(mm) ≤30 ≤30
Wheel dual wheel dual wheel
Capacity(t/h) 5-8 8-10
Dimension(LxWxH)(MM) 3800x1600x2700 4500x2100x3000
Weight (t) 2.8 4.2