Horizontal Full-Automatic Balers

The discharge port for abnormal raw material Only if there is hard rock, concrete, metal or raw material difficult to shred, the port can be opened automatically to clear the abnormal material by counter-rotating the two rollers, besides this discharge port can be used for maintenance Shredding Chamber The two opposite ways of opening design for the housing of the shredder and the bearing units that are installed externally will facilitate the maintenace. The liquid and dust will pollute the bearing and affect the service time. And the movable wearing plate of NM550 material will assure the anti-corrosion and the wearing of the shredder. Main Shaft The forged type alloy is used to make the shaft so the tension and hardness can be assured. The tungsten carbide wearing layer is welded into the surface of the shaft, and the static shaft has function of the anti-wrap to avoid any fiber or textile to wrap the shaft and jam the shredder. The guidance sliding plate is installed as extension of the main shaft and the static knives will control the discharge size of raw material. The seperated hydraulic driving system will function well the two ways of rotation of the roller. Both way of rotation will shred the raw material. Allocation of the Knives. The knives can be allocated as L,V,S,X method according to various raw material. Different type of allocation is used to avoid any stacking and bridge building for raw material, and the raw material will not be shredded all the time. Knives The material for knives can be two types: One is Wearing Plate HRADOX imported or WNM made in china. Different material will vary different type of knives, and the seat of knives can be movable and the seat can be welded to roller, both way are designed for easy maintenace. SEAT of Knives The movable seat of knives is installed according to the pin on the groove and locked by the bolts. So the accuracy is high and can be used for heavy duty, the knives are easy to replace for the maintenace. Axial shaft+Reducer The wide range of the variable hydraulic motor will comply with the request of high speed and high torque. The reducer without gear will save the space and cost. The special bearing system will extend the service time of the shredder and the good start-up of low rotation moment will be assured. The output of torque will increase by the pressure difference of the two side of the hydraulic motor and increase by rising up the discharge capacity of the variable motor.
Model SW1600 SW1800 SW2100
Overall Dimension (L×W×H) 5112×2260×3140mm 6170×2668×3140mm 4750×2520×3587mm
Discharge Size 2700×2000mm 2520×2150mm 3600×1860mm
Discharge Height 3150mm 3150mm 3100mm
Shredding Chamber 1650×1080mm 1850×1250mm 2750×1860mm
N.W 14.8~16.2 T 21~22.5 T 35.7~36.5 T
Oil Tank 400L 750L 1000L
Hydraulic Pressure 30MPa 32MPa 35MPa
Driving type Radial / Axial+Reducer Radial / Axial+Reducer Radial / Axial+Reducer
Electric Motor 2×55  /  2×75Kw 2×75 /  2×90Kw 2×90  /  2×110Kw
Control System PLC+MODBUS Communication PLC+MODBUS Communication PLC+MODBUS Communication
Qty of cutter 2 2 2
speed of shaft 8-25/  10-30 10-30 / 12-35 12-35 / 13-40
Qty of Knives 30/20 30/23 35/26
discharge size 80-200mm 80-200mm 80-200mm
Capacity 15-17 T/H 22-23.6T/H 30-35T/H
SW2000 SW2400 SW2700
4050×2520×3587mm 4450×2520×3587mm 4750×2520×3587mm
2900×1860mm 3200×1860mm 3600×1860mm
3100mm 3100mm 3100mm
2050×1860mm 2450×1860mm 2750×1860mm
25.3~27.8 T 28.6~32.3 T 35.7~36.5 T
750L 1000L 1000L
35MPa 38MPa 42MPa
Radial / Axial+Reducer Radial / Axial+Reducer Radial / Axial+Reducer
2×90  /  2×110Kw 2×110  /  2×132Kw 2×132  /  2×160Kw
PLC+MODBUS Communication PLC+MODBUS Communication PLC+MODBUS Communication
2 2 2
12-40  /  8-25 12-42 / 10-30 13-50 / 10-30
12 14 18
150-300mm 150-300mm 150-300mm
45-50 T/H 55-60 T/H 60-65T/H
Model BEKEN-FS-32130 BEKEN-FS50210
Overall Size(L*W*H)(mm) 3970*2400*1400 5100*3600*3100
Shredding Chamber Dimension L*W(mm) 1260*1300 2100*1800
Cutter Rotary Diameter(mm) Φ430 Φ660
Shaft Speed(rpm) 15-25 15-25
Cutter QTY(pcs) 30-52pcs 84pcs
Cutter thickness(mm) 30-50mm optional 50mm
Motor(kw) 45KW*2+15KW*2 90KW*2+22KW*2
Particles size after shredding 30-50mm optional 30-50mm optional
Capacity(T/hour) 3-5T/Hour 8-10T/Hour

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